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What is GameAddons?

What exactly is GameAddons?
If you have been redirected here from Avakin Life, then you most likely received a private message in game. GameAddons allows you to buy extremely cheap avacoins which are 100% legit! We have prices which are more than 70% cheaper!

Worried about being scammed? Read below!
We have multiple ways to prove our legitimacy. The first way, join our public discord server, ask our hundreds of active discord customers if it is legit or a scam. The second way, check out our reviews on our website, they were all made by our customers.

How do I buy? Read below for the steps!
The first step is to choose which package you would like to purchase, prices start from $6.49, the product link is right here!

Purchasing Coins Gifted

The second step is to go to the cart where you will see the item you would like to purchase. The cart is located right here!

Product in the cart

The third step is to select a payment method and pay!

Billing page

Payment Completed

The forth step is to locate the website Messenger Inbox, where you will discover a link used to claim your Coins Gifted! The messenger inbox is right here!

Our messenger inbox

The final step is to use your coins! You have 3 options, the most common one is the first one. You simply put your Friend Code and press Gift <Your Username> and begin gifting! The second option is Merging your wallet. Which you will need to have another wallet key to use. The final option is to move your coins to ModPanel, which you require ModPanel to use.

Options to use the coins

This method below will show how to gift directly to your account, without cutting corners!

After inputting friendcode

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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