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What is a Platinum Account?

Read below for more info about the Platinum Account - CLICK HERE FOR THE DIRECT PRODUCT LINK!

What comes with an Avakin Platinum Account?

A minimum level of at least 68
A minimum of 10 000 000 Avacoins (directly in the account)
A minimum age of at least 2 years +
A brand new and never used account

How do I access this account?

Once you purchase a platinum account, you will be sent a login to your site inbox located at which contains your E-mail and Password, which will be private, and which you can change once you login.

Why is the account so expensive?

Considering the level of the account, as well as the amount of coins on the account, this makes it a steal, especially due to 500 000 Avacoins being $500 USD in game, especially the amount of time + coins needed to reach level 68 initially.

Image of Premium Account Profile

Coins on the Premium Account

Updated on: 19/07/2021

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