Please read the article below to find out information about our Coins Gifted. CLICK HERE FOR THE DIRECT PRODUCT LINK!

What do I get when I purchase Coins Gifted?
You get a 20 character redeemable license key, which you redeem directly on our website within the messenger at

How do I gift without ModPanel?
Step 1: Click on the link sent from the BOT in our Messenger.
Step 2: Input the Friend Code you want to gift to in the Your Coin Wallet section
Step 3: Press Search and press Gift!

How do I merge my Coin Wallet?
Input your previous Coins key into the Merge Wallet section and click on Move Coins.

How do I add my coins to ModPanel?
Input your ModPanel Secret Code under the Move Coins to ModPanel section and press on Move Coins.

How do I gift myself using ModPanel?
Login to your ModPanel account and go to the Home Page and press on Selfgift under Your Profile URL.

How do I gift my friends using ModPanel?
Tap on General Mods and scroll down until you see Your Friends - Tap on Selfgift Friend on whichever friend you want to gift.

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